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The Fallen Idol


The Fallen Idol

Mixed Media composition of Acrylic paint and coloured photographic image on acrylic paper depicting a large head of Buddha having fallen from the rest of its statue and is now reposing peacefully in a meadow of flowers while the ruins of the temples upon the distant mountain range are silhouetted by the setting sun.

View from the Cherry Tree


View from the Cherry Tree

Mixed media composition of marker pens, Acrylic paint and coloured stickers on acrylic paper depicting a snow capped mountain in a grassy stream crossed meadow as viewed through the falling flowers and petals of a Cherry Tree.

Boat in Rough Seas


Boat in Rough Seas

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper depicting darkening thunder clouds approaching above a small boat struggling to keep afloat within increasingly angry waves as birds take flight to avoid the storm.



Now only llama tourists


the golden shrines of


Whose dazzling



 in silent




 Ramasean temples

And esoteric

 moon pyramids

Mirror the splendour

 of their time;

as today’s morose

 porcupine structures

rush skyward

 reflecting the

 present millennia.

The Poppy Blossom


The Poppy Blossom

Acrylic and marble paint on photographic paper painting depicting red Poppies blossoming amongst tall grasses while portraying the illusionary effect of their misuse.