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The Kitchen Confrontation


The Kitchen Confrontation

Mixed media composition consisting of acrylic and watercolour paint plus markers on watercolour paper representing a couple making dinner in their kitchen as one of their guests begins to give advice on cooking the food while her husband feels slightly inebriated after helping himself to a bottle of wine.

I know your game


I live alone

 coz I like to

I talk to you

coz I want to

You talk to me

 coz you need to

 you reply to me

coz you have to

You want my love

coz you need it

You want my life

 so you can control it

You want my history

So you can know it

And you want my heart

 so you can break it

The Lavender Fields


The Lavender Fields

Marker pen drawing on watercolour paper depicting a semi abstract landscape consisting of fields of Lavender on rolling hills with Pine trees beyond a small village under a setting sun.

The Alcohol Effect


The Alcohol Effect

Abstract marker pen drawing on watercolour paper representing someone who has drank copious amounts of alcohol and this has released a normally suppressed side of their personality in which they berate the world for their own life’s difficulties while others surrounding them either laugh at or are bemused by their drunken behaviour.

In another Circle



Talk to your FRIENDS

Make them feel good

Confirm what THEY say

Tune into THEIR wavelength

Love what THEY love


Listen to their DRIVEL

Smile at a nod

Laugh in THEIR time

Voice THEIR opinion

Love what THEY love


Do as THEY tell you

Smile when it’s needed

Smirk when it’s your turn

Lie when you’re told

Love what THEY love

Feeling Stressed


Feeling Stressed

Abstract surreal water colour painting on watercolour paper representing someone who is feeling stressed with multiple different images randomly generating in the their brain.

When Jesus comes down from Heaven


When Jesus comes down from Heaven,

He’ll  take you by the hand,

and lead you down the road

which destiny had planned.


He’ll guard and guide you,

Through a low and lonely day.

Destroying with his love,

Depressive thoughts on the way.


Through troubled times he watches,

And joyous times too.

Steadily he has grown,

To be a part of you.


When Jesus comes down from Heaven,

A prisoner he will be.

Living in the souls of men,

But no prisoner of me.

Angler’s Dream


Angler's Dream

Abstract surreal water colour painting on watercolour paper representing an angler who is dreaming with multiple different images randomly swimming around in the their brain.

Night over Valencia Lake


Night over Valencia Lake

Modified photograph of the night approaching over the futuristic buildings and being reflected on the surface of the newly created lake the outskirts of the city of Valencia.

Sing for me


Sing for me

caress me with your words,

smother me with your music,

kill me with your song,

choose any name like

or any voice you want,

spread those vibrant tones

all over my senses

straight into my brain

so I can bathe

in the ocean

 of your words.