Monthly Archives: October 2013



In the moonless

 Darkness  of


memories whisper


 past loves


 unfulfilled dreams.

Rousing your



To unfurl


pained sorrow

and lasting


Water Reflections


Water Reflections

Photograph of spiral branchless dead trees reflected on the slightly waved surface of the variated blue water within a local fjord.

The Melting Portrait


The Melting Portrait

Abstract modified digital photograph representing a portrait of someone in which the face of the person has totally melted and is running down the canvas.

The Tense Dinner Party


The Tense Dinner Party

Mixed media composition consisting of acrylic and watercolour paint plus markers on watercolour paper representing a dinner party where one lady has accused the husband of the other lady of making a pass at her, thus the man in question feels slightly embarrassed while her husband feigns interest in his wine.