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Neet oot in the Toon


Neet oot in the Toon

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing a group of men as Giraffes being observed passing along the Blue Carpet and Grey’s Monument after drinking various alcoholic concoctions while having a night out in the Toon (Newcastle).

Non Stop Work


Grind that cog

 turn that wheel,

Fix that piston

 onto its seal.

Type your letters

  and stamp them too

Making it last

 all day  through.

Talking about TV

 talking about sport,

Bragging about the new

 car you’ve bought;

Looking through the brochures

 for your holiday centre,

Here comes the boss

 your tormentor;

He stops and chats

 then spins a yarn,

As the clock

 goes marching on.

Lunchtime, teatime,

 overtime too.

You’ve never stopped working

 all day through.

Overworked, underpaid,

anything goes.

They all appear

as the buzzer blows;

All those tired

 hungry souls,

Clocking out and

On their way

Home to rest and

Family play,

Then back to work

the very next day.