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A Gathering of Roses


A Gathering of Roses

Acrylic painting on acrylic paper depicting gathered together a variety of Roses in full bloom.

The Wisdom of Experience


I thought I could

be loved.


It appeared that

there was

No-one who

would offer


That gift.

They looked


There was no

They smiled


There was no

They smirked and

faked interest.

I sneered

I knew

their game.

I moved on,

enjoying my life

with the

wisdom of experience.

Kissing in the bReeze


Kissing in the bReeze

Acrylic cubist painting on watercolour paper representing two females kissing outside on a breezy day with one lady keen on their relationship and the other with her doubts.

Contemplating the Inner Man


Contemplating the Inner Man

Modified Photographic portrait displaying the inner musculature of a male’s upper torso while they are deep in contemplation.

Reach out and touch Faith


Reach out and touch Faith

Marker pen cubist drawing on watercolour paper representing two sides Jesus Christ’s personality wearing his Crown of Thorns with his hands outstretched gesturing to the world to reach out and touch their own personal faith.; surrounded by the message written in a variety of the world’s languages.

The Envious Partner


The Envious Partner

Marker pen abstract cubist drawing on watercolour paper representing a couple where the female is envious of her male partner and sheds crocodile to get her own way, but he’s unhappy as her envy is emotionally torturing him though wishes to remain silent as he doesn’t want to end their relationship.