Monthly Archives: December 2018

View into Cavern

View into Cavern small

Acrylic and spray paint abstract painting on acrylic paper representing a person shining a light into a dark cavern and illuminating various minerals within its wall.

Flowers in Coloured Glass Vases

Flowers in Coloured Glass Vases small

Acrylic and spray paint on a box canvas frame painting depicting a variety of flowers in various coloured glass vases.

Sunset at the Melting Mountains

Sunset at the Melting Mountains small

Acrylic and spray paint on acrylic paper painting depicting a mountain range topped by a few green pine trees while the whole landscape appears to be melting as the setting sun leaves behind a yellow sky.


Mediterranea small

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing the shapes and colours of the landscape,  villages and their houses which remained in my thoughts after holidaying in the Mediterranean landscape.

Birds at the Cascade

Birds at the Cascade small

Mixed media painting composed of acrylic paint and spray paint on shaped glass on a box canvas frame depicting a silhouetted birds flying above a large cascade of water falling behind two craggy, towering mountainsides behind small flowing volcanoes.