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Through the door of time,
Where mortal feet can
never tread.
Though they come to
try the door,
to find a key
to fit the lock.
But when they do,
It always slips
out of reach,
out of time.
They follow it down
a chasm,
Beyond time itself.
Dancing upon the
highest shelf.
It winks and
leads you further on.
Until you and it
are one.
Your ego dies and
You are free,
To live in
the house of

Blues for the berries.

Blueberry compote

Had a few spare blueberries (190g) so instead of making blueberry muffins I thought I’d try to make a compote. I’ve made others with different ingredients but not with these, also the recipe called for icing sugar rather than normal stuff. So popped them in the pan with a couple of tablespoons of the icing sugar plus a teaspoon of lemon juice. Boiled that lot for 10 minutes and then let it cool. Had some later with some cream. Lush!

Not the Yeast bit


Rather than traipsing to the local shop just for a loaf of bread and break my isolation, I had the bright idea to bake one myself as I knew I had all the ingredients. So, I started by activating the yeast. Well, nowt happened. ‘Maybe the water and sugar mix wasn’t warm enough.’ I thought. So, tried again. Nope, same thing occurred even I know the mix was definitely warmer this time.  I even put it in the microwave to make even hotter, but the yeast just lay there. That’s when I thought maybe there was something wrong with it. So. I looked at the expiry date … er… 5 years out of date! As I’m not one to give up I searched online for a recipe without yeast (but baking powder) and followed that, ending with a pleasing result. I’ve tried the homemade bread covered with various jams and dipped in stew. Canny!

Nice aroma shame about the taste!


I saw these Beanies flavoured coffees advertised and thought it would make an alternative to my usual tea. So, I chose flavours which I already knew I enjoyed; Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Cinder Toffee and Irish Cream. When I opened them and sniffed their aromas, my tasted buds quipped, ‘Ah.. Bisto!.’ Thus I was really looking forward to tasting these drinks. The first to be tasted was ‘Chocolate’; nope, it didn’t taste anything like it. Maybe this was a fluke. In other meal times I tried the rest. Not one of them tasted as stated on the label. In fact, they all tasted the same – very bitter. It’s hard to say which was the worse as they were all revolting. I even searched online for advice to try remove the bitterness which resulted in a suggestion of adding a pinch of salt – which did slightly dull the taste somewhat. I’ve tried them as weak, strong, with and without milk and/or sugar, the vile taste remained. My view of these coffees are; don’t waste your money, they’re vile! Flavoured coffe

The Spawning

The Spawning small

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing strands of coral anchored on onto a rocky surface drifting in the ocean currents releasing their eggs in the process known as spawning.

In Your Circle


Talk to YOUR ‘friends’
Make them feel good
Confirm what THEY say
Tune into THEIR wavelength
Love what THEY love

Listen to their DRIVEL
Simper as they nod
Laugh with THEM
Voice THEIR opinion
Love what THEY love

Do as THEY say
Smile when needed
Smirk in your turn
Lie when you’re told
Love what THEY love