Monthly Archives: February 2021

With a spoonful of sugar


This is my second effort after making cheese and onion flavour using my bread machine. In this attempt just used a plain mix but added a tablespoonful of sugar (yes, I did have THAT song in my head!) plus the required amount of water. Once again, I used the crisp, medium brown crust option and pressed START.  Between the second KNEAD option and the second RISE option, according to the instructions you have to remove the kneading paddle. Well… after my first attempt when I just stuck my fingers in, removed it plus a bunch of sticky fingers; this time I used a hook which came with the machine’s contents (I had wondered about the hook’s purpose!). Replacing the lid, the baking continued, thus after approximately three hours the bread was ready. So, tried it warm with some margarine and jam. Mmmm..very nice.

Yoghurt or yogurt


Recently I bought a small yoghurt maker plus a couple of packets of yoghurt mix – strawberry and plain.  As I like the strawberry taste I had to make that my first attempt. So I tried half the measure (250g), added water, placed in the maker and left it to process overnight (the instructions state 8 -12 hours creation time).  The next lunch time I had it for a dessert with diced Pears  and it was LUSH!! A few days later after finishing off the strawberry flavour, I tried the plain mix; except that I added liquid vanilla flavouring.  I noticed that this time the yoghurt was a bit thicker (kinda Greek style); maybe I’d either added less water or more mix but it still tasted delicious.