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Depletion of Memories

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing the depletion of memories as gaps appear within the brain due to nerve connections deteriorating as a result of particular diseases.

‘Circumstances’ free to download electronic instrumental album


Follow the link to download my latest electronic instrumental music album available only on Bandcamp. Just enter zero for the amount you want to pay (more if you wish!), then download either whole album or only those tracks you prefer. The album tracks are concerned with a different set of circumstances, hence the title. Feedback is welcome either on my Bandcamp site or here. Thanks and enjoy.

George’s Ginger


A few weeks ago I bought a box of ginger roots  but I didn’t realise just how many I’d get, so I’ve been wondering what I could do with them and now I’ve made and easy peasy, Ginger Conserve using only 3 ingredients.  So here’s the recipe I found:-
100 grams Fresh Ginger Root (3.1/2 ounces)
473 millilitres Water (2 cups)
177 millilitres Sugar (3/4 cup)
Wash and peel ginger root. Cut into small pieces. Soak them in cold water for 30 minutes, then drain.
Place the ginger in a small saucepan and add 1 1/2 cups (354 ml) cold water to cover. Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes or until the ginger are soft (actually took 2 hours). Next, drain the ginger in a colander.
After that, place the sugar and remaining 1/2 cup (119ml) of water in a pan and cook until sugar dissolves. Add ginger. Mix well. Cook until it thickens. Well, it didn’t thicken due to water amount being too great, so added the peel of a whole orange for its pectin content, and this thickened it. Remove from heat. Set aside until cold.
Store in an airtight container. After it had cooled, I tried some on sesame seed crackers and it was just as good as bought conserve; very tasty.

Modified Muffins


As I just fancied a sponge pudding for my dessert yesterday, I thought I’d try making Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins from a mix I’d previously bought, due to its simple recipe and low required effort.
All I had to do was add one egg to 60 ml of milk and 30g of margarine (or butter). Whisked to a light colour and poured in to greased (or lined) muffin tins to cook between 15 – 20 minutes at gas mark 4 (170c).
Then out of the oven popped the muffins. Once these had cooled, I cut two of them in half and joined them together with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Then I covered the top of all the muffins with the spread. I had one with custard.  Very tasty!