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Cranes over landscape

Cranes over landscape small

Ink and watercolour painting on acrylic paper depicting a small flock of Cranes migrating over a sparse mountain landscape neath a wintry sun where a solitary tree is producing its last blooms.

Not the Yeast bit


Rather than traipsing to the local shop just for a loaf of bread and break my isolation, I had the bright idea to bake one myself as I knew I had all the ingredients. So, I started by activating the yeast. Well, nowt happened. ‘Maybe the water and sugar mix wasn’t warm enough.’ I thought. So, tried again. Nope, same thing occurred even I know the mix was definitely warmer this time.  I even put it in the microwave to make even hotter, but the yeast just lay there. That’s when I thought maybe there was something wrong with it. So. I looked at the expiry date … er… 5 years out of date! As I’m not one to give up I searched online for a recipe without yeast (but baking powder) and followed that, ending with a pleasing result. I’ve tried the homemade bread covered with various jams and dipped in stew. Canny!

Titter I not.


As a fan of the ‘Carry on’ films I thought I’d go a see this comedy at the Whitley Bay Playhouse.
The previous reviews seemed to indicate to me that it might be along similar lines.
The story line is concerned with three elderly female married cleaners and a middle- aged single male vindictive supervisor who lives at home with his mother. Due to their company’s efficiency drive the cleaners are required to re-apply for their jobs, but they supervisor wants them to be made redundant. He verbally abuses them constantly as a way of driving them out. Yes, we’ve all encountered or worked for people like that during our own working lives, and I’m so….. glad I’m retired, so I don’t have to tolerate them anymore. The ladies have other ideas, such as running a sex chat line. I thought the premise of the play was a good fun idea and could be entertaining to watch. The audience was composed of 90% women between approximately the ages of 30 and 70 years. Once the play started, it became more like a Hen’s night out with screeching, shrieking from the audience responding to poor jokes and innuendos which were so far sign-posted they lost their punch. At times, some of the audience were in hysterics at the stage antics and dialogue, but from me, not even a titter! At times, I was so bored I started to feel sleepy and couldn’t wait until the end (well, I did have to see if it improved during the ‘whole’ performance). It didn’t for me, but for ladies who enjoy a good Hen night, this is for you.
Dirty Dusting poster