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Nice aroma shame about the taste!


I saw these Beanies flavoured coffees advertised and thought it would make an alternative to my usual tea. So, I chose flavours which I already knew I enjoyed; Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Cinder Toffee and Irish Cream. When I opened them and sniffed their aromas, my tasted buds quipped, ‘Ah.. Bisto!.’ Thus I was really looking forward to tasting these drinks. The first to be tasted was ‘Chocolate’; nope, it didn’t taste anything like it. Maybe this was a fluke. In other meal times I tried the rest. Not one of them tasted as stated on the label. In fact, they all tasted the same – very bitter. It’s hard to say which was the worse as they were all revolting. I even searched online for advice to try remove the bitterness which resulted in a suggestion of adding a pinch of salt – which did slightly dull the taste somewhat. I’ve tried them as weak, strong, with and without milk and/or sugar, the vile taste remained. My view of these coffees are; don’t waste your money, they’re vile! Flavoured coffe

In Your Circle


Talk to YOUR ‘friends’
Make them feel good
Confirm what THEY say
Tune into THEIR wavelength
Love what THEY love

Listen to their DRIVEL
Simper as they nod
Laugh with THEM
Voice THEIR opinion
Love what THEY love

Do as THEY say
Smile when needed
Smirk in your turn
Lie when you’re told
Love what THEY love

If the wind could speak


If the wind could speak,
what would it say?
when I whispered to you
as a gentle breeze
to alert your mind
to an oncoming occurrence.
You were too absorbed
in your abstract thoughts
to acquiesce me.

If the wind could speak,
what would it say?
When I spoke to you
as a blustering gust
to warn you to take care.
You were too distracted
with other events
to spare a thought for me.

If the wind could speak,
What would it say?
When I roared at you
As a galloping gale
beseeching you to listen.
You were too preoccupied
with disproportionate choices
to give acknowledgement to me.

If the wind could speak,
What would it say
When I screamed at you
as a sustaining hurricane
begging you to hear.
You were too resolute
with your presumptions
to accept the consequences
were pertinent to me.

Greed – The Film


Well, I went to see the Steve Coogan film ‘Greed’ this afternoon. H e plays a rather coarse self made rag trade billionaire who after a parliamentary inquiry into his business affairs, decides to celebrate his 60th birthday in the style of a Roman Emperor on the island of Mykonos but things don’t go smoothly. I thought the film was quite entertaining, fairly satirical and at times, thought provoking. I quite liked the flashbacks into his early life. I really enjoyed the songs that accompanied the various images. His attitude of bullying and exploitation of others for his own benefit reminded me of some present day politicians who are currently in power throughout the world. The film concluded with displays of facts and figures related to inequality in its variety of forms.Greed-poster

An Angelic Day


As it was a sunny but cool morning I thought I’d take a trip to see the Knife Angel currently on display outside the Sage Auditorium until tomorrow. My plan was also to include to visit the Angel of the North as I’ve only passed it by but not stopped and photographed it. I also wanted to take some photos as I crossed the Millennium Bridge. Luckily the weather remained sunny but with a cold wind allowing me to stroll along Newcastle Quayside, over the bridge, through the Sage and to the Knife Angel; which I noticed contained quite a lot meat cleavers. After this, I hopped on to the bus taking me to Gateshead Interchange and then alighted a bus for the Anthony Gormley sculpture. There were a few visitors but not hordes, if it had been a school holiday, so managed to get photos with few strangers on them. I was impressed with the sculpture and will probably visit again when there’s more foliage around.