Serratus right view

Speckled brown and grey soapstone sculpture as a representation of their landscape of mountains and valleys worshipped in this form as a deity by the inhabitants of an ancient civilization.


Flaming Meteor

Flaming meteor small

Mixed media abstract painting consisting of gloss, acrylic and enamel paint on acrylic paper representing a meteor composed of varying minerals exploding in to flames as it rushes through the atmosphere.

I should renounce you


I should renounce you
I should denounce you
I should forget you
Or I will regret to.

I will renounce you
I will denounce you
I will forget you
And I will forget to.

I should have renounced you
I should have denounced you
I should forget you
But I will regret to.

I shall not renounce you
I shall not denounce you
I shall not forget you
Because I truly love you.