Landscape with smoking volcano

Landscape with smoking volcano small

Spray paint on gloss paper semi abstract painting representing striated mountain peaks beyond which lies an active volcano which is erupting and belching out clouds of hot vapour in the atmosphere resulting in a colourful sunset as birds flee over a cool mountain lake.


Sacrifice to the Solar Snake God

Sacrifice to the Solar Snake God small

Mixed media abstract composition composed of acrylic paint and polystyrene sculpture on a box canvas frame representing the body of a human whose spirit is screaming in fear as their heart has been removed and sacrificed to the Snake God who appears only at a Solar Eclipse.

Boy with the balloons

Boy with the balloons small

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing a boy standing on a rock in a meadow holding a bunch of balloons as other balloons float overhead amongst passing birds to greet him on his birthday. I painted this on my birthday a few days ago and I was thinking of my friends from near and far who sent me birthdays greetings. My idea was that I said I’d be in a certain location and they would send balloons in place of themselves. The balloons were intelligent enough to travel by themselves to arrive at the specified time and location.