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Windy Winter’s Day

Windy winter's day small

Spray and acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing a sandstone rocky landscape containing flowers in bloom and abandoned sheds at sunset on a wintry day as snow, leaves and other debris are blown by a prevailing breeze.

The Tortoise Shell Rock Valley

The Tortoise Shell Rock Valley small

Acrylic on painting on acrylic paper depicting a green valley between high snow capped peaks housing rocks which the local people regard as sacred to due their Tortoise Shell colouration.

At the Peach Cascade

At the Peach Cascade small

Acrylic paint on a box canvas frame painting representing flames at the edge of a Pine forest while a  stream cascades down between rocks shaped and coloured like peach fruit into a small lake over which birds fly.


Stressmas small

Spray and acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing images which are generally associated to the celebration and stress of Christmas such as baubles, fir tree, calling birds, party hats, Wise men, food, inebriation , flowers and religion.