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Sunning Sunflowers

Sunning sunflowers small

Acrylic and spray paint on acrylic paper painting depicting tall sunflower plants sunning themselves as they follow the sun across the sky.


Mixed Tulips in grey vase

Mixed Tulips in grey vase small

Encaustic wax and acrylic paint on gloss paper painting depicting a grey ceramic vase streaked with orange filled with a mixed of pink, yellow and blue Tulip flowers against a swirling colourful background.

Emotions spouting forth

emotions spouting forth small

Spray and acrylic paint abstract painting on acrylic paper representing the ghostly outline of a woman resting on a mountaintop, where all here various pent up emotions from the tips of her toes, rush throughout her body spouting and spurting forth from her mouth into the darkness of her dream.

Man thinks he’s turning into a Bee

Man thinks he's turning into a Bee small

Acrylic and spray paint on acrylic paper abstract surreal painting representing the portrait of a man who has suffered a nervous breakdown due to work related stress and his apiphobia has been distorted to such an extent that he thinks he’s turning into a Bee.