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A Rhum do!


RhumAs I enjoy the taste of rum but don’t drink alcohol anymore I purchased alcohol free Routin 1883 rum syrup which is advertised as ‘characterised by the taste of rum.’ For me it tasted nothing like rum at all, more a mixture of dark treacle and cheap cola. I tried adding it to various fizzy and non fizzy drinks with the result that I felt it make their taste was lessened.  I also tried it with a variety of hot drinks as the advert had suggested, such as tea, coffee, chocolate, not hot milk though, as it’s not a favourite of mine. Basically, by adding this product to the drinks it made them sweeter; as to how sweet depends on how much is added.  Though I think there are cheaper and more appropriate products that can be used in this manner.  Rather than waste it, I’ll use in some cooking.

The Alcohol Effect


The Alcohol Effect

Abstract marker pen drawing on watercolour paper representing someone who has drank copious amounts of alcohol and this has released a normally suppressed side of their personality in which they berate the world for their own life’s difficulties while others surrounding them either laugh at or are bemused by their drunken behaviour.