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A short vacation in Bristol


Well, I’ve just spent a few days on holiday in Bristol. I’ve been previously but wanted to spend a bit more time visiting specific sites. Firstly, I took myself off to Bristol Zoo. I was impressed on my previous visit and this was reaffirmed. It’s such a lovely, peaceful,  well kept zoo with a fascinating collection of animals. My second day was taken up in the morning, with a visit to the Aquarium.  The deceptively large interior contained an interesting variety of sea creatures plus a ‘Jungle Walk’. I even stayed to listen and watch the ‘Feeding time’ talk! In the afternoon I continued used my 2 day ‘On/off bus ticket’ to visit the Brunel’s S.S. Great Britain. I don’t think I would have enjoyed being a passenger in those small cabins while being rocked about at sea.  For my final morning, I strolled past the Banksy wall painting which is not covered, thus has been vandalised slightly. Then continued across the street to the College Green area containing Bristol Cathedral and City Hall, two fine buildings. After wandering across the Millennium Square I got a photo of myself with Cary Grant. Lol!


Mediterranea small

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing the shapes and colours of the landscape,  villages and their houses which remained in my thoughts after holidaying in the Mediterranean landscape.



Now only llama tourists


the golden shrines of


Whose dazzling



 in silent




 Ramasean temples

And esoteric

 moon pyramids

Mirror the splendour

 of their time;

as today’s morose

 porcupine structures

rush skyward

 reflecting the

 present millennia.