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Cranes over landscape

Cranes over landscape small

Ink and watercolour painting on acrylic paper depicting a small flock of Cranes migrating over a sparse mountain landscape neath a wintry sun where a solitary tree is producing its last blooms.

The Tortoise Shell Rock Valley

The Tortoise Shell Rock Valley small

Acrylic on painting on acrylic paper depicting a green valley between high snow capped peaks housing rocks which the local people regard as sacred to due their Tortoise Shell colouration.

At the Peach Cascade

At the Peach Cascade small

Acrylic paint on a box canvas frame painting representing flames at the edge of a Pine forest while a  stream cascades down between rocks shaped and coloured like peach fruit into a small lake over which birds fly.

Marooned on the Sea of Solace

Marooned on the Sea of Solace small

Acrylic painting on a box canvas frame representing a dream where the dreamer is alone on a boat marooned  on a Sea of Solace when a person remembers the happiness achieved even though they’ve lost someone they loved and currently feel they unable to reach the distant land in order to restart their life.