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Marooned on the Sea of Solace

Marooned on the Sea of Solace small

Acrylic painting on a box canvas frame representing a dream where the dreamer is alone on a boat marooned  on a Sea of Solace when a person remembers the happiness achieved even though they’ve lost someone they loved and currently feel they unable to reach the distant land in order to restart their life.

Giant misty forest by river


Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting depicting sunlight beaming through the misty forest of tall straight trees as a small sailing boat makes it way down a nearby river and ravens fly overhead.



Boat in Rough Seas


Boat in Rough Seas

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper depicting darkening thunder clouds approaching above a small boat struggling to keep afloat within increasingly angry waves as birds take flight to avoid the storm.

Sailing yacht in sun haze


Sailing yacht in sun haze

Abstract digital photograph representing the form of a sailing yacht reflected on the sea surface in bright distorted sunlight.