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Feeling Alone

Feeling Alone small

Spray paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing the dream of a man as he sees himself silhouetted alone floating deep in thought, as he ponders where to follow his future path which currently appears dark and formless or change direction into the light.

The Dreaming Woman

The Dreaming Woman small

Acrylic and spray paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing a woman who can see herself in her dream wondering what it means; her distorted body lying naked on the bed with a brick wall in front of her,  a mountain landscape behind while a birds and a witch fly across the sky.

The Dreaming Child

The Dreaming Child small

Semi abstract mixed media composition of acrylic paint and paper cut-out representing a young girl asleep happily dreaming she is floating among the clouds above the Earth within her own misty cocoon.ion