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Reach out and touch Faith


Reach out and touch Faith

Marker pen cubist drawing on watercolour paper representing two sides Jesus Christ’s personality wearing his Crown of Thorns with his hands outstretched gesturing to the world to reach out and touch their own personal faith.; surrounded by the message written in a variety of the world’s languages.

The Baptism of Christ


The Baptism of Christ

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting depicting a bearded Jesus looking apprehensive baptismal water is dropped onto his head against a backdrop of the local landscape.

When Jesus comes down from Heaven


When Jesus comes down from Heaven,

He’ll  take you by the hand,

and lead you down the road

which destiny had planned.


He’ll guard and guide you,

Through a low and lonely day.

Destroying with his love,

Depressive thoughts on the way.


Through troubled times he watches,

And joyous times too.

Steadily he has grown,

To be a part of you.


When Jesus comes down from Heaven,

A prisoner he will be.

Living in the souls of men,

But no prisoner of me.