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From Joy to Tears


I didn’t really know what to expect from the musical Cabaret playing at Sunderland Empire.
I was aware that it was set in 1931; a time of decadence and rise of Nazism in Germany, plus I knew a couple of songs. Right from the start, The ‘Emcee’ who runs the ‘Kit Kat’ Club in Berlin attracts your attention with his costume and humour. The dancers also wore ‘interesting’ costumes which allowed them to perform quite stunning leaps during their routines. Luckily, they kept their clothes on for these; yes, there is some nudity in the show but it’s not distracting. The songs were good and well performed by but the vocalists and the orchestra. The basic story is concerned with the showgirl Sally Bowles’ career and love life. This, I thought this story line was too predictable and became a bit tedious for me. The background story of Nazism and their effect on others was more interesting. So, basically I was having a pleasant time until the shocking final scene; naked people in concentration camp showers. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. A musical I won’t forget!


I should renounce you


I should renounce you
I should denounce you
I should forget you
Or I will regret to.

I will renounce you
I will denounce you
I will forget you
And I will forget to.

I should have renounced you
I should have denounced you
I should forget you
But I will regret to.

I shall not renounce you
I shall not denounce you
I shall not forget you
Because I truly love you.

There’s Nothing


There’s nothing
in this world
to make me love
There’s nothing
can do to make
your wish
come true.
There’s nothing
can say to change
my train
of thought.
There’s nothing
can dream that
can fulfil
the wish
have sought.

The Unknown lover


The worn antique clock chimes the hour.
The Art Deco mirror hangs on the wall.
The book, pencil rest on the desk.
We lounge across the furniture.
has come.
Have YOU
received any
Yes, there is
What does
IT say?
What is
wrote it?
There is NO
only a line of