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Feeling Alone

Feeling Alone small

Spray paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing the dream of a man as he sees himself silhouetted alone floating deep in thought, as he ponders where to follow his future path which currently appears dark and formless or change direction into the light.


Landscape under billowing clouds

Landscape under billowing clouds small.jpg

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing a  landscape where a lonesome traveller can be seen between bushes,  resting between under a tree as clouds billow overhead in the afternoon sun.

The Deceitful Partner


The Deceitful Partner

Marker pen abstract drawing on watercolour paper representing a couple where the female is smirking because she believes she is successfully deceiving her male partner, but he’s unhappy as he is aware that he is being deceived though wishes to remain silent as he doesn’t want to end their relationship.