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Fioriture Radiali Segmentate


Spray paint on gloss paper painting representing purple and orange segmented blooms flowering on black branches with purple and black leaves.




Mainly White Leaves


Acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing a branch of a bush where the majority of its leaves have turned white as the plants chemicals are depleted through ageing.

Mainly White Leaves small


Owls in tree on floral mound


Watercolour and marker pen painting on watercolour paper depicting a group of small Owls sleeping on the branches of a tree growing on a floral mound as the sun sets behind silhouetted mountains beyond cultivated hills.

Owls in tree on floral mound small


Escaping Aromas


Spray paint on gloss paper abstract painting representing aromas dispersing and circulating in a dark dense atmosphere of an unlit room, from used wine bottles left behind as party guests sleep.

Escaping aromas small