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Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt small

Acrylic and spray paint plus crystal geodes abstract painting on a box canvas frame representing a belt of asteroids in interstellar space amongst a variety of planets and cosmic debris.

The Realm of the Twinned Planets

The Realm of the Twin Planets small

Spray paint on a box canvas frame painting representing an area of the cosmos where there is a proliferation of planets twinned with their neighbours.

The Goddess Cloud

The Goddess Cloud small

Spray paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing various gas clouds of hydrogen and other elements which have drifted together to form a feminine shaped nebula which appears to be falling in the night sky above a mountainous landscape.

Rocking the Cosmos

Rocking the cosmos small

Mixed media composition of acrylic paint and paper cut-out displaying an abstract image of a rock guitarist drifting in the cosmos spreading his music out of this world and across the universe.