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There’s Nothing


There’s nothing
in this world
to make me love
There’s nothing
can do to make
your wish
come true.
There’s nothing
can say to change
my train
of thought.
There’s nothing
can dream that
can fulfil
the wish
have sought.


What’s the Difference


You ask
have I missed you.
like the sand
and the sea.
What difference does
it make,
as long as you’ve
missed me.

will always be there,
ready to take command.
What’s the
difference if I
We both know where
We stand.

As long as there is
no stranger to
beat us at our
What’s the difference
who’s the leader.
It is only we
who can stake a

The two of us ahead
of friends or others.
What’s the difference
who wins.
We will still remain
as lovers.

Poisoned Love


My heart bluffed ecstasy
As an underworld of pain
Grasped the breath
And killed the fire.
Your scorpion attitude
Shattered the daffodilian night.
Leaving only Venus
With the enigma of feelings
To celebrate the torture
Of inherent faith.
Our poisoned love communicates
The harmonics of Jealousy.

Me and You


Me and You.
You’ve got to kiss me like
I’ve never being kissed before
I’ve got to kiss you like
you’ve never been kissed before
You’ve got to respect me as
I’ve never been respected before
I’ve got to respect you as
you’ve never been respected before
You’ve got to speak with me in a way
I’ve never been spoken to before
I’ve got to speak to you in a way
you’ve never been spoken to before
You’ve got to make me laugh as
I’ve never laughed before
I’ve got to make you a laugh as
you’ve never laughed before
You go to love me like
I’ve never been loved before
I’ve got to love you like
you’ve never been loved before
I want this for me and you
And nothing else will do.