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Sunrise silhouetting cranes


Photograph depicting the view of silhouetted large cranes situated within the ship yards on the banks of the River Tyne and the distant spire of a church at Hebburn as the morning sun rises on the horizon and highlights the clouds passing overhead.



Tulipes pourpres dans le feuillage


Spray paint on gloss paper abstract painting representing mainly purple coloured Tulips silhouetted by the sunlight shining through the surrounding green foliage.



Owls in tree on floral mound


Watercolour and marker pen painting on watercolour paper depicting a group of small Owls sleeping on the branches of a tree growing on a floral mound as the sun sets behind silhouetted mountains beyond cultivated hills.

Owls in tree on floral mound small


Sailing at sunset


Sailing at sunset

Watercolour painting on watercolour paper depicting a catamaran and a larger yacht slowly sailing out of a bay into the open sea sunset and flocks of gulls and other sea birds make their way back to their nests to rest for the night.