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Cranes over landscape

Cranes over landscape small

Ink and watercolour painting on acrylic paper depicting a small flock of Cranes migrating over a sparse mountain landscape neath a wintry sun where a solitary tree is producing its last blooms.

Windy Winter’s Day

Windy winter's day small

Spray and acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing a sandstone rocky landscape containing flowers in bloom and abandoned sheds at sunset on a wintry day as snow, leaves and other debris are blown by a prevailing breeze.

Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains small

Acrylic, gloss and emulsion paint on acrylic paper semi-abstract painting representing a watery wintry sun glinting off clouds drifting over a mountain range splashed with snowfall amongst its rocks and greenery.

Swallows in the snow


Swallows in the snow

Watercolour paint on watercolour paper painting depicting two swallows attempting to feed on the red berries on a nearby branch as the winter snow falls.