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Dark Sunset beyond

Dark sunset beyond small

Spray paint on a box canvas frame painting representing a darkening evening sunset displaying beyond a range of craggy forested mountains.

Roses en regalia

Roses en regalia small

Acrylic and spray paint on acrylic paper painting depicting a spray of various coloured Roses and their leaves in bloom surrounded by a variety of regalia.

Festive Winter

Festive Winter small

Spray and acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing images which are generally associated with celebrating the winter season such as snow man, baubles, fir trees,  Holly, shopping,  lanterns and party hats.

Bearded man dreaming

Bearded man dreaming small

Acrylic and spray paint on acrylic paper representing an abstract head of a bearded man who resting his eyes and due to his hunger begins to dream of various food items such as cheese, slices of fruit and pieces of cake.