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Summer Love


In the
moonless darkness
of ourselves,
memories whisper
along streets of
where past lovers
during days of
in the heat of


I should renounce you


I should renounce you
I should denounce you
I should forget you
Or I will regret to.

I will renounce you
I will denounce you
I will forget you
And I will forget to.

I should have renounced you
I should have denounced you
I should forget you
But I will regret to.

I shall not renounce you
I shall not denounce you
I shall not forget you
Because I truly love you.

The Vultures


The vultures of the family
Take their pickings
While the widow
Stands alone
without her shadow.
He will not follow her
For one last tomorrow.

The vultures pick his bones
Neath the gravestones where he was laid
After respects had been paid
And sympathy displayed.
They all mourned the loss
But the widow bore the cross.
Only death can lighten the burden
From the shoulders of this woman.

The vultures will come again
Without regret or shame.
To rape her money and her home
As if she’d never been known.
One thing they forgot to learn
Sooner or later will come their turn.
Stranger, brother, sister, friend.
The vulture cycle can never end.