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Sunset beyond larval mountains

Sunset beyond larval mountains small

Spray paint on acrylic paper painting representing an orangey sunset occurring beyond mountains where green vegetation has grown on old streams of lava while the foreground active volcanic crater continues to bubble and splash its sides between blotches of green algae.

Volcanic Storm

Volcanic Storm small

Spray paint on gloss paper semi abstract painting representing an active volcano erupting lava some of which is flowing down the outside of the crater while other portions are thrown into the atmosphere with burning rocks as a volcanic storm rages overhead.

Larval Fountains

Larval Fountains small

Mixed media abstract painting consisting of gloss, acrylic and enamel paint on a acrylic paper representing an volcanic explosion where different types of mineral deposits are being erupted as larval fountains of various colours.

Seagrass Undulations

Seagrass Undulations small

Spray paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing blades of green seagrass wafting and undulating within an undersea current as volcanic gases rise from the sea floor.