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The Aftermath


Mangled eyes amongst the destruction
bear the burden in a web of reflections
while the animal chorus poisons sleep
and shattered vermin work kneeling
along the skeleton universe.

Death’s vanity
slowly fires the guilty breath
as the tentacles of a prayer
secretly escape the viper’s mouth,
while children like ravaged daisies
mirror the splintered bombs.

Falling to Pieces


Spray paint on gloss paper abstract painting representing the chaos and turmoil of war bursting through and overwhelming a structured and interlocked society.

Falling to pieces small copy


Faces in the Sand


Faces in the Sand

Abstract modified digital photograph representing the facial outlines of the dead soldiers whose bodies were left after the battle to be buried by the sand through which they are now emerging.





The Arabian insect shouting


attracts the inherent

 Chinese butterfly.

Seeking to bracelet

 the Mongolian dynasty,

whose tentacles stretch

 into autumn.



 their poisoned insanity

 ships terror

to streets of

naked despair.


Defiled walls of

 broken fingers

 topple them

in the winter of

 their scorpion


cheating the butterfly

 of its summer.