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Cranes over landscape

Cranes over landscape small

Ink and watercolour painting on acrylic paper depicting a small flock of Cranes migrating over a sparse mountain landscape neath a wintry sun where a solitary tree is producing its last blooms.

Windy Winter’s Day

Windy winter's day small

Spray and acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing a sandstone rocky landscape containing flowers in bloom and abandoned sheds at sunset on a wintry day as snow, leaves and other debris are blown by a prevailing breeze.

The Winter Season


Blossoms waiting to ascend winter
Lie trapped
in the skeleton branches
to recycle memories
In a daffodillian
As returning tinselled
Scream in ecstasy
at Christmas,
While loneliness
eyes its prospects
In the camouflage
of the season.


Avalanche small

Mixed media abstract painting consisting of gloss and enamel paint on a box canvas frame representing an avalanche of snow dragging with it pieces of rock and vegetation, creating new streams as it rushes down a mountainside.

Morning mist at Ostia

Morning mist at Ostia small

Photograph depicting the view through the trees and ruined temple columns of Emperor Hadrian’s villa at Ostia Antica as an early morning winter mist slowly ascends from the partially frozen nearby lake.