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About George Hutton Hunter Contemporary Artist

Contemporary artist (paintings, drawings,sculpture, music, writer) living in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’m a self taught artist born in Ryton, but now live and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I’ve taken part in joint exhibitions in Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong and Newcastle. My view of any kind of art is that it should leave an impression, whether it is good or bad is up to the individual. I think my style of painting and drawing is about colours and shapes and how they interact. I mainly paint acrylics or with spray paint, occasionally oils, inks, watercolours, mixed media plus glass paint on sheet glass. I also draw using oil and chalk pastels plus watercolour pencils. I use a variety of objects to paint such as blocks of wood, strips of paper, my fingers and of course, brushes. I always have music playing when I’m painting as it keeps me in the mood of that particular artistic piece. My paintings and drawings are a mixture of Naive Art and Outsider Art and I suppose I could be called an expressionist, experimental artist. I also produce small sculptural artworks, write prose and create electronic music.. My influences are Van Gogh, the Fauvists such as Matisse, Derain and Vlaminck, French and Nordic Impressionists namely Monet, Cezanne, Munch, Osslund and Erichsen plus Nolde, Kalella, Klimpt, Hokusai and Hundertwasser have also had an influence on my work. I am also an amateur musician playing mainly the Charango, Ukulele and Guitar. My artwork can be found on a number of websites around the world but can also be purchased also from myself at

If We.


If we If we If we
could could could
treat others trust others love others
as we as we as we
treat ourselves. trust ourselves. love ourselves.
There may be There may be There may be
Hope. Love. Peace.


What’s the Difference


You ask
have I missed you.
like the sand
and the sea.
What difference does
it make,
as long as you’ve
missed me.

will always be there,
ready to take command.
What’s the
difference if I
We both know where
We stand.

As long as there is
no stranger to
beat us at our
What’s the difference
who’s the leader.
It is only we
who can stake a

The two of us ahead
of friends or others.
What’s the difference
who wins.
We will still remain
as lovers.

The wisdom of Experience


I thought I could
be loved.
It appeared that
there was
No-one who
would offer
That gift.
They looked,
There was no
They smiled,
There was no
They smirked and
faked interest.
I sneered,
I knew
their game.
I moved on,
enjoying my life
with the
wisdom of experience.