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About George Hutton Hunter Contemporary Artist

Contemporary artist (paintings, drawings,sculpture, music, writer) living in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’m a self taught artist born in Ryton, but now live and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I’ve taken part in joint exhibitions in Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong and Newcastle. My view of any kind of art is that it should leave an impression, whether it is good or bad is up to the individual. I think my style of painting and drawing is about colours and shapes and how they interact. I mainly paint acrylics or with spray paint, occasionally oils, inks, watercolours, mixed media plus glass paint on sheet glass. I also draw using oil and chalk pastels plus watercolour pencils. I use a variety of objects to paint such as blocks of wood, strips of paper, my fingers and of course, brushes. I also produce small sculptural artworks, write prose and short stories, plus create electronic music on Sound Cloud under the name 'diTempli'. I am also an amateur musician playing mainly the Charango, Ukulele and Guitar. My artwork can be found on a number of websites around the world but can also be purchased also from myself at

The Tortoise Shell Rock Valley

The Tortoise Shell Rock Valley small

Acrylic on painting on acrylic paper depicting a green valley between high snow capped peaks housing rocks which the local people regard as sacred to due their Tortoise Shell colouration.

Lava over rocks

Lava over rocks small

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting representing rocks residing in the land close to the fissure emitting hot, molten volcanic lava oozing and sliding over them.

It’s not like Christmas


It’s not like Christmas
The spirit’s not yuletide
The grass is still green
There’s no snow outside

It’s not like Christmas
There’s no joy in my heart
Santa’s not coming here
Because we are apart

It’s not like Christmas
No reason to celebrate
Life’s left my soul
Is loneliness my fate?

At the Peach Cascade

At the Peach Cascade small

Acrylic paint on a box canvas frame painting representing flames at the edge of a Pine forest while a  stream cascades down between rocks shaped and coloured like peach fruit into a small lake over which birds fly.

The Winter Season


Blossoms waiting to ascend winter
Lie trapped
in the skeleton branches
to recycle memories
In a daffodillian
As returning tinselled
Scream in ecstasy
at Christmas,
While loneliness
eyes its prospects
In the camouflage
of the season.