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Erba dopo un incendio

Erba dopo un incendio small

Spray paint on gloss paper abstract painting representing the remnants of grass which has been burnt and scorched as a result of a recent fire across the land.


Boy and the Macaroons

Boy and the Macaroons small

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper painting depicting boy peeking enviously over the sill of a curtained window at a large cup full of newly baked Macaroon cakes on a wooden table waiting to be consumed by the resident family as birds fly in the distant sunset.

Landscape with smoking volcano

Landscape with smoking volcano small

Spray paint on gloss paper semi abstract painting representing striated mountain peaks beyond which lies an active volcano which is erupting and belching out clouds of hot vapour in the atmosphere resulting in a colourful sunset as birds flee over a cool mountain lake.