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I love you like a cigarette


I love you like a cigarette,

I put you out at night,

when I wake up in the morning,

I set your world alight.

I sometimes forget you

through my working days.

But when I see a cigarette,

I remember to speak your praise.

You know how much I love you,

I want it to remain a secret.

Cigarettes are a health risk

I think I’ll manage to keep it.

When I reach the end,

And the filter’s left behind,

You’ll always be with me,

The cigarette of my mind.

The Court Jester


The Court Jester

Abstract Mixed media composition of acrylic and watercolour paint plus marker pens on watercolour paper depicting a cubist representation of a harlequin patterned Medieval court Jester sticking out his tongue to his audience.



Destiny laughed as it severed

its tentacles of communication

shattering the window of reality,

through a conspiracy of waves

flooding into battle

with the tiring breath

which struggles for life,

but whose seasons legacy choked

in death in Turkish water.

Panda Buddha


Panda Buddha

Mixed media composition consisting of spray paint, acrylic paint and photographs on paper representing a Panda in a Buddha guise as the Autumn leaves are falling.

The Nun’s Song


She was sitting

 near the river,

watching floating logs

 pass by her.

When up quietly

 came a stranger,

and said he was

 her lover.

He did not receive

 an answer,

for she knew

 he was a traitor,

towards his

 other lover.

Written in her


it says she is

 a loner,

and will never have

 such a lover,

though she cannot be

 much happier,

for Jesus is

 protecting her.



Weeping Mona Lisa


Weeping Mona Lisa

Mixed media composition of aerosol spray and watercolour paint, marker pens plus photographic images representing a weeping Mona Lisa having received a bouquet of flowers as an unexpected gift for modelling for her friend at the unveiling party of his artwork.

Laburnum Avenue


Laburnum Avenue

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper depicting an avenue of Laburnum trees in full bloom whose blossoms are overhanging the footpath within a dense woodland glade in springtime.